What is Unycare?

Unycare is a unified digital communications platform that enables easy, efficient and effective delivery of healthcare. It helps all relevant stakeholders in a care continnum to connect, communicate and collaborate. This enables doctors and hospitals to empower and engage patients for better outcomes in a care continuum, along with aiding better capacity building & utilization.

Unycare enhances the doctor to patient (D2P) and doctor to doctor (D2D) connect, and is useful for doctors in individual, group or hospital settings. This helps improve communication in general, and patient empowerment, engagement and education in particular, across the entire healthcare delivery continuum, in a highly cost effective manner.

Unycare is an intuitive cloud based platform that can integrate with an existing EMR, practice management or hospital management system as a white labeled system. The platform provides a simple and easy to use interface on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Key highlights of the platform:

360 degree profiles - Doctor and patient profiles allow to connect with each other in contexts of need
DICOM & Image or PDF Viewer – Add, or request and view a variety of patient and doctor uploaded reports
Scheduling – Intuitive scheduling & re scheduling workflows for doctors and patients
Online Payments – Create online payments for online consultations & engagement
Mobility – Tablet interfaces for doctors and Mobile interfaces for patients for quick access

Unycare supports your existing practice or healthcare delivery systems, in a way that is easy to setup and seamless to adopt.

With path breaking innovations using advanced digital tools and communication interfaces to follow, you will be delighted to adopt Unycare as your choice of a integrated communications platform, for now, and the future.


360 Degree Profiles

Unycare helps you create 360 degree information profiles for Doctors, Healthcare Facilities and Patients to assist system based recommendations for consistent engagement, intuitive alerts on adherence & co ordinated care.

Visit information history

Each visit is distinctly maintained, with or without case information and can be integrated to the existing practice management or EMR systems. Helps in tracing communications and engagement history across the case lifecycle. Helps in generating consistent patient engagement for better outcomes.

Schedule management

An easy to use schedule manager has the ability to not just setup appointments but also to follow a Doctors availability dynamically, and help re schedule in quick time, offering for huge convenience for patients and promote adherence.

Integrated Video & Chat

High performance video & chat with ability to invite other doctors for case discussions, combined with the ability to view patient information or records with in video annotation facilities, offer a powerful one stop communications tool to delivery quickly and efficiently on case management.

Flexible Models of deployment & pricing

Choose between paying for monthly subscriptions or pay per consultation. Decide whether you wish to deploy Unycare on the cloud as a managed service where we take care of all that is needed, or install a white label solution in your IT environment with the required integrations.

Why Change?

Saves Time

Deliver care to more patients seamlessly with less time spent in fragmented communications.
Your patients can understand your availability without calling you.
An action to add, schedule and call a patient is now a matter of “MINUTES”.
Complete your follow up and non critical consultations online without crowding your physical infrastructure.
Reduce time to request & view patient reports.
Instant and pre billing helps your collections processes.

Saves Money

Reduce multiple conversations on phone or non secure communication channels.
Improve your bill ability on follow up/engagement consultations.
Reduce administrative staff for in person scheduling & follow up.
Reduce physical infrastructure costs for non critical care consultations.

Patient relationship

Spend your time being a doctor or a provider than an administrator.
Provide your patient with the convenience & connectedness they badly need, especially in chronic disease management.
Be available to your patient when in need.
Patients switch healthcare providers due to…
  1. Non availability or long wait cycles.
  2. Non availability of timely advice.
  3. Cumbersome physical visits in non critical scenarios.
  4. Higher costs for in person consultations in follow up scenarios.

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